Gambling and video game streamer xQc has accused Twitch of a double standard after soccer superstar Neymar was able to gamble during a live stream despite a ban on that type of content.

shocked to see the Brazilian gambling with thousands of dollars

xQc was in the middle of a Minecraft live stream when his chat told him to head over to Neymar’s channel. He was shocked to see the Brazilian gambling with thousands of dollars. Criticizing Twitch, xQc said “I don’t want to be some anti-Twitch bandwagoner, but this is some pretty big pick and choose dogshit.”

He noted that if he or another gambling streamer like Trainwreck tried to broadcast online gambling content that they would instantly get banned.

Some viewers in the chat tried to justify Neymar being able to stream the gambling content, pointing out that he was using a site called Blaze, which was not named in Twitch’s ban announcement. Others said that perhaps because he was streaming from Brazil that the ban might not apply.

xQc quashed these theories, saying that he had streamed gambling content when in Canada and that non-US nations were a part of the ban. He also said that the Twitch ban covers all forms of unregulated gambling, not just on the named platforms.

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